How to Buy TIPS

In this guide we show you how to buy TIPS tokens using the app and Flamingo.Finance.
To buy GAS tokens on the app and trade them for TIPS tokens on Flamingo.Finance, you will need:
  • A computer (Mac or PC) connected to the internet
  • A mobile device with the app installed
  • An internet browser (like Google Chrome)
  • An installed Neo wallet to withdraw your GAS to
  • An account on the app
  • A verified bank or debit card on the app
1. Open the app and make sure you are verified (verification usually happens within 2 minutes but may take longer). Once your account is verified, select Buy.
2. Search for and select GAS.
3. Enter the number of GAS you want to buy (to trade for FLM). Select your payment method. If you don't have a payment method set up, you'll need to set one up. Select Buy GAS. For this example we will buy 30 GAS.
4. Select the Accounts tab, select Crypto Wallet, and select GAS.
5. Select Transfer.
6. Select Withdraw.
7. Select External Wallet.
8. Select + to add your Neo N3 wallet receive address.
9. Select Wallet Address.
10. Select GAS.
11. If it's not already selected, select the Neo3 network. Enter your Neo N3 wallet address manually or scan the QR code from your wallet. Enter a name for your wallet (this is how will refer to the wallet). For this example, we will name our wallet Flamingo Finance. Select Continue.
12. You'll be prompted to verify if you trust the wallet address you have entered. If you do, select Yes, it's safe to whitelist.
13. Enter your app passcode.
14. Enter the verification code generated by your authenticator app, and select Continue.
15. Now that you've entered your wallet information, select Withdraw to withdraw your GAS to that wallet.
16. Enter the number of GAS you want to withdraw, and select Withdraw. For this example we will withdraw the 30 GAS we just bought.
17. Check the withdrawal details. If you agree, select Confirm.
18. Enter your app passcode.
19. Enter the code sent to your mobile device, then enter the verification code sent to your authenticator app. Select Continue.
20. You've successfully withdrawn your GAS to your Neo N3 wallet.
21. Now that you have GAS in your Neo N3 wallet, on a computer, go to Flamingo.Finance. Go to the Asset Actions tab.
22. Select Connect Wallet.
23. Select a wallet to connect. For this example we'll select NeoLine.
24. Your NeoLine extension wallet will open. Select Connect.
25. Your wallet is now connected. Return to Flamingo, and on the Asset Actions tab, select Convert.
26. In the From: dropdown menu, select GAS. In the To: dropdown menu, select TIPS. Input the number of GAS you want to trade to TIPS. For this example we'll trade 10 GAS for 7 Billion+ TIPS.
27. Select Settings and adjust your Slippage and Deadline settings.
28. Read the transaction details, and if you agree, select Convert Now.
29. Your NeoLine wallet should appear. Select Yes to confirm the transaction.
30. Your transaction is pending. Wait for your transaction to finalize, then select Done. Return to Flamingo and wait for the transaction success message. Select Close.
Congratulations! You now own TIPS tokens in your Neo N3 wallet.