Meme2Earn Lite Paper

Version 2.1
There are 7.9 billion people on Earth. Every single one of us has a duty to create and enjoy memes. The clock is ticking…

What is Meme2Earn?

The revolutionary Meme2Earn site is a state-of-the-art, first of its kind, Meme2Earn platform where you can post your own memes to earn TIPS tokens whenever someone likes your meme and upvotes it with TIPS.

Who is Meme2Earn for?

Meme2Earn is for everyone. Anyone can post memes on any topic. But more specifically, its for:
  • People who want to create memes and earn TIPS tokens
  • People who want to see awesome memes, vote on them, and comment on them, to support the creators with TIPS, and earn TIPS while doing so
  • Projects who want to advertise their project

Making Memes

On Meme2Earn, you can post memes so that other people can see and upvote your memes with TIPS tokens, as well as comment on them.


Commenting requires a fixed fee that goes towards upvotes on the meme, so if you try to be foolish with your comments, you at least need to pay for it. Comments can also receive TIPS upvotes and downvotes and will have the same mechanics as voting on a meme.

Multi-Token Support

Meme2Earn was built to be able to support many tokens easily in the future.

Fireplace Burn Counter (Coming Soon)

A Fireplace Burn Counter shows the number of TIPS to be burned, and later will link to an interactive Meme2Earn Fireplace page.

Twitter Login

Users can log into Meme2Earn with their Twitter account. Meme2Earn uses “hot wallets” for super quick onboarding of new users. New users don’t need a Neo N3 wallet before they can start using the platform.

Rewards and Fees

Remember, no new TIPS tokens will ever be minted into creation. The total supply of TIPS will always be deflationary. All rewards come from the total supply.

Rewards for having an account

  • 1,500,000 TIPS per day (17.36 TIPS per second) just for having an account

Rewards for making an account

  • When you make an account you get 1,000,000 TIPS to use on the platform
  • If you use a referral code when you sign up you also get 500,000 additional TIPS (1,500,00 in total if you sign up using a referral code)

Daily bonuses (need to be completed within 24h)

  • Consuming memes (100 loads): 500,000 TIPS
  • Posting memes (3 memes): 1,500,000 TIPS
  • Voting on memes (10 memes): 1,000,000 TIPS
  • Commenting on memes (10 comments): 500,000 TIPS
  • Voting on comments (10 memes): 250,000 TIPS
  • Invite Bonus (10 referrals): 1,500,000 TIPS
  • Shared link clicks (100 clicks): 500,000 TIPS

Recurring bonus

  • Invites (unlimited): 500,000 TIPS per successful referral (the user must create an account on

Fees (NFT discount is deducted)

  • Post a Meme: 1,000,000 TIPS
  • Vote on a Meme: 0 TIPS
  • Comment on a Meme: 69,420 TIPS (counts as upvotes for the meme)
  • Vote on a Comment: 0 TIPS
  • Withdrawal fee: 1% (minus NFT fee discount — see below)+ 30,000,000 TIPS

Withdrawal Threshold

A withdrawal threshold is the amount of TIPS tokens you can withdraw from the platform at any given time. You build up your withdrawal threshold by using the platform. Every daily task gives you 5% of the amount to withdraw, plus any NFT discount/reward you may have (e.g. if you have an OG NFT, you will get 7.5% to withdraw instead of 5%).
To get a higher withdrawal threshold you need to use the platform. Everything you do on the platform (voting, creating memes, commenting, and so on) gives you the same amount of $TIPS you used in the increased withdrawal threshold.
TIPS deposits give you a 100% withdrawal threshold of the deposited TIPS.

Meme2Earn NFTs

  • Holding a Meme2Earn OG NFT gives you a 50% reward multiplier and 50% fee discount.
  • Holding a Meme2Earn Hired Gun NFT gives you a 10% reward multiplier and 10% fee discount.
  • NFTs are stackable so if you hold 2 OG NFTs you’ll get a 75% reward multiplier and 75% fee discount.
  • When you bind your wallet, if you have a Meme2Earn OG NFT, you get 500M TIPS to use on platform (0 can be withdrawn). One NFT can only be “used” once for this. After each specific OG NFT is counted, it can no longer be counted for this reward again in any other wallet or any other account.
  • When you bind your wallet, if you have a Meme2Earn Hired Gun NFT you get 50M TIPS to use on platform (0 can be withdrawn). One NFT can only be “used” once for this. After each specific Hired Gun NFT is counted, it can no longer be counted for this reward again with any other account.
  • Rewards and Fees are subject to change based on the price of TIPS and overall site usage.

Unclaimed Rewards

An Unclaimed Rewards section gathers all rewards from your platform usage and tasks.

Top Creators

A Top Creators section shows the top five creators with the most upvotes at any given time.

Consume-To-Earn: Daily Bonus

There's a Daily Bonus where you can “consume-to-earn” by completing a daily set of tasks to earn even more TIPS.
Every day users will get 17.36 TIPS per second for just having an account.
And it’s all “free” TIPS for you. The advertisers pay you for consuming, you pay the meme creators by upvoting their memes, and the creators make content that you enjoy.

Marketing Incentives

Do you have a lot of followers? Nice! Share referral codes and we’ll give you TIPS rewards based on how many users come to the site via your referral link. As a marketer you can make money by promoting Everyone will earn TIPS from sharing, and “big players” can earn even more.

NFT Multipliers

There is also NFT multipliers on everything. If you have a Meme2Earn OG NFT, for example, you will get more TIPS as upvotes and more TIPS for engaging with the site. You will also get fee discounts. And NFT benefits are stackable. See the Rewards and Fees section below.

Hot Wallet Deposit and Withdrawal

You can deposit and withdraw TIPS from a hot wallet (linked to Twitter) to your personal Neo N3 wallet. You don't need a crypto wallet at all to get started.

Project and Company Marketing and Advertisement

The site will also soon include advertisement spots for companies and projects. Any projects who wish to advertise must pay in TIPS which will add buying pressure to TIPS.
Companies and projects who do want an ad spot must mint an NFT and pay the price; the TIPS spent on this NFT will be distributed as follows:
  • 50% will go to consumers
  • 25% will be burned
  • 20% will go to the single-stake fund
  • 5% will go to Meme2Earn OG NFT holders
The memes themselves as well as meme contests will act as forms of marketing for the companies/projects.
In order to participate, projects need to send their users/community to sign up on the Meme2Earn platform (with Twitter) and use a referral code. The project then needs to buy TIPS from the market and when the contest starts. TIPS is airdropped to all that are registered with the promo code so they can also vote for their favorite memes. This all happens with hot wallets so anyone with a Twitter account can participate.

Meme of the Day Ongoing Contests

The Meme2Earn community posts memes in different categories every day to earn big prizes ($420 per week).
Daily themes are kept to trending topics. This keeps these ongoing contests fun, different every day, and current with the times.
Every day we post that day’s topic on

TIPS Token

Ask not what TIPS can do for you, but what you can do for TIPS.
The TIPS token was minted by smart contract on the Neo N3 blockchain. You can receive, hold, and send TIPS from any Neo N3 wallet: NeoLine, O3, and NEON.
TIPS is the cryptocurrency of Meme2Earn. You can acquire TIPS by earning them with memes, or buying them on an exchange:
Buy TIPS on Flamingo Finance. Buy TIPS on PancakeSwap. Buy TIPS on MEXC Global.